Gracey's Ranch Managed IT

Gracey’s Ranch specializes in supporting businesses, and we understand that the constantly changing IT landscape can be confusing. Our job is to keep up with all the latest trends, so you don’t have to.

Some of our services:

Managed IT

Let's keep your systems in full working order.

We can manage a portion or all of your systems, from around-the-clock monitoring to cloud-based phone systems. We offer quarterly reviews of your IT infrastructure, keeping up-to-date backups and more!

Network Design

Time for an upgrade or something new?

Is your network infrastructure outdated and slow? Why not upgrade to boost productivity and reduce system downtime.

Security & Compliance

Worried about security and data storage compliance?

We offer specialized security and compliance for businesses that store sensitive data such as customer data. We can set up proper security measures in compliance with PIPA & PIPEDA.


Need some advice or a second opinion?

We can advise you on updates or changes to your IT infrastructure to ensure you are getting the best solution for your business.

What is a MSP?

A managed IT service provider (MSP) is a third party that assumes the responsibility of day-to-day operations of technical support, infrastructure management, hardware maintenance, network monitoring, device setup, and more.

A MSP can take on many operational tasks involving IT that are critical to your business. They can start new, complement, or completely replace your existing internal IT department, providing support to the devices you have.

Why should you use a MSP?

In today’s intensely competitive marketplace, you need to be able to set your business apart from all the rest by running as reliably and cost-effectively as possible. Having an SLA (Service Level Agreement) with a managed service provider will enable your company to stay up-to-date, maintain compliance and security. Furthermore, having secure backups of all your data is very important. Loss of data can lead to downtime and loss of customer trust damaging your reputation.

How we benefit you?

In a hugely competitive world, keeping on top of your IT is very important. We can help you with that, everything from Office 365 to the most recent security patches, so your company can stay up and running. We will take over or complement your IT department. Don’t have an IT department? Let us handle that so you do not have to worry about your devices.

Gracey's Ranch has partnered with top companies in the industry to bring you the best solutions.

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